Gourmet Sausages


Pryde’s Famous Gourmet Sausages

Well obviously, because they taste delicious! We owe a great deal to the person who invented the sausage; all the flavour of your favourite meats perfectly encased and ready for any accompaniment you choose to pair them with. Perfect for any BBQ occasion or just for a quick tasty evening meal!

Why Pryde Meats?

The team at Pryde meats use hand selected cuts for our Gourmet range of 15 different flavours of sausages. Our tasty selection of Beef, Pork, Lamb and chicken are all made by hand without the use of added preservative. We only use our Free Range product in our beef, pork and lamb sausages. We have a broad range of flavours to test any food connoisseur’s palette including Heat, Spice and other great tastes. We use both natural and collagen casings. Come on, try our great range and Taste the Difference.