Platinum Lamb


Pryde Platinum Lamb

Let’s face it, all Australian’s love lamb, and we at Pryde are no different. Rich in protein, iron and zinc, this nutrient filled choice is also easy to prepare which makes it a guaranteed crowd pleaser for your family and friends on any occasion.

Why Pryde Meats?

The family and farmers involved with Pryde Meats Platinum Lamb are passionate about bringing environmentally sustainable lamb to you, the consumer. We are excited about our natural product and will assist you with making informed and educated decisions on what lamb to have at your dinner table.

When you see Platinum Lamb we want you to know it’s with the best lamb on the market. By supporting the brand Platinum Lamb you are supporting Australian family farms, which makes us proud!

Top Cuts

Lamb Leg (bone-in or boned)
Lamb Shanks
Lamp Chop

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