Platinum Pork


Pryde Platinum Pork

Pryde Meats knows that pork always looks good on your fork. Not only does Pork contain many important vitamins (iron, zinc, B12) it is also naturally lower in salt. Some lean cuts in particular can contain very little fat whilst still offering great protein. It will be the highlight of any dinner plate.

Why Pryde Meats?

At Pryde we supply the Platinm range of Pork. Platinum pork pigs are bred outdoors at farms near the Swan River ranges in South Western Victoria. They are fed natural grain-based diet free from added growth hormones and in-feed antibiotics. They are selected for their suitability to outdoor breeding conditions, and for superior meat quality characteristics including fat score, tenderness and colour. This means you can be assured that what you are eating is all natural and you can enjoy the natural flavour. Just how we like it!

Popular Cuts:
Pork Leg (bone-in or boned)
Pork Cutlets
Pork Fillets