Pryde Chicken


Pryde Chemical Free Chicken

We believe chook is worth more than a look. A leaner but still high in protein meat, chicken contains many essential vitamins that assist the body, like the amino acids assisting serotonin levels and cardiovascular health. Chicken is also a very versatile meat, the options for flavouring and preparing are endless!

Why Pryde Meats?

We at Pryde Meats use a chemical free process chicken to insure we maximise the quality of the chicken taste as well as animal wellbeing. The processing plant we use turns over 500,000 birds a week and are guided by strict (HACCP) conditions. They do this without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals which other process plants use. This ensures the taste and quality of the chicken you’re entrusting us to deliver to your loved ones.

Top Cuts:
Boneless Chicken Breasts
Chicken Wings
Chicken Thighs