Pryde Platinum Beef


Pryde Platinum Beef

One of the best iron sources you can find, beef is both nutrient dense and satisfying to your hungry tastebuds. With so many cuts and means of preparing beef, you can eat it every night of the week in a differing way. Perfect for grilling, slow cooking, mincing you can never get bored of beef. And we at Pryde Meats will do our very best to make sure of it!

Why Pryde Meats?

The Pryde Platinum Brand has been designed with our valued customers in mind. We are committed to delivering prime quality meat to your plate every time. Our cuts are aged for a minimum of 5-10 days using wet and dry ageing process.

Pryde Platinum is primarily sourced from Free range beef such as Angus, Hereford and Murray Grey. Along with providing high quality grade meats we ensure our livestock have been grown and managed using the best practice for animal welfare. Every Pryde Platinum cut of beef is renowned for its rich full flavour. What makes the difference is our 100% Grass Feeding from lush pastures and rich farming land in a stress-free environment and graded using Meat Standards Australia (MSA) system.

Top Cuts

Eye Fillet – 5 Star MSA supreme quality
Scotch Fillet / New York Cut – 4 Star MSA supreme quality
Rump Steak / T-Bone Steak – 3 Star MSA quality

These cuts are highly recommended as a preferred BBQ grill cook method with light seasoning for your desired doneness